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Tennessee demographics

Tennessee Demographics

Tennessee is the 17th most populous and the 34th largest (41,235 square miles) of the 50 states and capital district in the US. Its capital city is Nashville (in the above picture). Majority of occupations in Tennessee is management and professional (32.20%), followed by sales and office (25.60%). Black or African American is the second largest race in this state after White.

State Stats and Facts

  1. Tennessee is also known as the Big Bend State, Butternut State, Hog and Hominy State and Volunteer State
  2. Tennessee has one of the highest rate of aggravated assault (480 vs. national average 242)
  3. Tennessee has one of the lowest number of native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander (0.10% whereas USA average 0.20%)
  4. Tennessee has one of the highest violent crime rates (644 while country median 387)
  5. Tennessee has one of the highest number of violent crime, per 100K (644 compared to country average 387)

Population Charts

Based on 2013 estimate, Tennessee population was 6,495,978 which ranks the 17th of the 50 United States and capital district. The most populous city in Tennessee is Memphis. In this part, you’ll learn various state profiles on population by race, age and gender.

Total population compared to the USA

From April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2013, net population change is 2.40%. This is the same as national average. Tennessee population represents only 2.05% of the entire population in the USA as pictured in the following chart.

Population distribution by race or age

Census 2013 shows the following 5 races or ethnicities representing population in Tennessee (in descending order):

  • White ancestry 79.10%
  • Black or African American 17.00%
  • Others (two or more races) 1.70%
  • Asian ethnicity 1.60%
  • American Indian and Alaska Native 0.40%
  • Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander 0.10%

The following chart compares Tennessee population distribution to national average:

Based on Census QuickFacts 2013, 6.20% of Tennessee population are under 5 years old, 23.00% are under 18 years and 14.70% are 65 years or older. Furthermore 6.60% of Tennessee population (over the age of five) speak language other than English at home, which is lower than the US average of 20.50%.

Female vs male population

Female population in 2013 is 51.20% which is slightly more than male population. Tennessee female population number ranks the 13rd nation-wide. USA’s average female population is 50.80% whereas male population average is 49.20%. The following chart shows comparison of female and male population between Tennessee and the USA.

Demographics Charts

In this section, you’ll find a collection of statistical profiles on education, property ownerships, poverty, land area, population density and life expectancy. For analysis purposes, each state data is compared to national average. Data is sourced from last census.

Education, home ownership and poverty rate

In the chart below, you’ll find:

  • Rate of high school graduates is 83.90%, this is lower than national average of 85.70%
  • Rate of bachelor’s degree is 23.50%, lower than national median of 28.50%
  • Home ownership rate is 68.40%, higher than US average of 65.50%
  • People who live below poverty rate is 17.30% which is higher than national average of 14.90%

Data is obtained from Census 2008-2012.

Land area, population density and life expectancy

Featured on the table below is:

  • Land area is 1.17% of total land area
  • Tennessee has more population density than the USA average (153.9 people per square mile vs 87.4)
  • Life expectancy in Tennessee is lower by 2.56 years than national average

Data is based on Census 2010.

Unemployment rate and occupation types

Tennessee unemployment rate (May 2013 to June 2014) is 7.10% (higher than national average). Tennessee did not have minimum wage information available at the time this page was developed. The table and chart below show various occupation types based on data obtained from 2010.

Regarding travel time to work, workers in Tennessee usually took less time than US average. Data from American Community Survey shows travel time in Tennessee was 24.1 minutes on average, whereas national average was 25.4 minutes. Average travel time is obtained by calculating time required to get from home to work each day during the week.

Business ownerships

Latest census business data shows:

  • Black-owned firms 8.40%, higher than national average of 7.10%
  • American Indian and Alaska Native-owned firms 0.50%, lower than national median of 0.90%
  • Asian-owned firms 2.00%, lower than US average of 5.70%
  • Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander-owned firms 0.10%, same as the country’s average of 0.10%
  • Hispanic-owned firms 1.60%, lower than national average of 8.30%
  • Women-owned firms 25.90%, lower than US median of 28.80%

For comparison purpose, the following chart includes data from US average.

Production and sales

The following table and chart show manufacturers production shipments and sales figures per business area. This information highlights which specific business area Tennessee is strong at.

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Tennessee Demographics

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