Sep 30 2017

All Pro Foundation Repair #best #foundation #repair #method

# ALL PRO Methods of Foundation Repair ALL PRO Helical Piers This is the best method of foundation repair available today! How it Works and Advantages A solid steel square shaft with a 10 or 12 inch helix plate at the bottom is drilled underneath your foundation. The helix plate locks the pier under your foundation preventing any upward or downward movement of the pier. This pier has an almost infinite drilling depth and weight bearing capacity. It is easily adjustable and there is no concrete cure time. The All Pro Helical causes the least amount of stress on the …

Sep 4 2017

The Engineering Design Process: Prototyping #prototyping, #engineering #design #process, #engineering #design #process #steps, #engineering #design #method

# Prototyping Key Info A prototype is an operating version of a solution. It is often made with different materials (cheaper and easier to work with) than the final version. Prototypes allow you to test how your solution will work and even show the solution to users for feedback. Creating prototypes may involve using readily available materials, construction kits, storyboards, or other techniques that help you to create your solution quickly and with little cost. Keep in mind that these are mockups of your final solution, not the real thing! Prototyping A prototype is an operating version of a solution. …