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Spinal cord compression #cord #compression

# Spinal cord compression Find out about spinal cord compression, the symptoms and how it is diagnosed. Spinal cord compression happens when pressure on the spinal cord stops the nerves working normally. Spinal cord compression is an emergency. Contact your doctor straight away if you have any symptoms of spinal cord compression. The spinal cord …

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Diagnosing And Treating A Tethered Spinal Cord #umbilical #cord #compression

# Tethered Spinal Cord Key Points Bones are lifted up ( Laminoplasty ) rather than removed ( Laminectomy ) to perform most tethered cord surgery Nerves to the legs and bladder are always monitored and protected during surgery Laser is used to remove Lipomas. (see a video of the procedure ) What is Tethered Cord? …

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