Apr 14 2019

South University (BSN) Columbia SC

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South University (BSN) Columbia SC, REMMONT.COM

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South University (BSN) Columbia SC

I graduated from SU in 2012. It is a great program. SU has a high NCLEX pass rate. I passed NCLEX first try 91 questions. A lot of classmates and people who graduated after me passed with 75 questions, which is a cool thing. It is hard just like any other program. All programs have pros and cons but it is how you deal with it and you have to take the opinions of others with a grain of salt. You have to do a lot of self teaching, time is limited and they do not spoon feed you. It is an adult college so they expect you to take initiative. You can go to the teachers but just make sure you have done your part and they will guide you on where you need to go next. It is expensive so you may have to take out loans. You probably already know it is an accelerated program so you will be busy busy busy. For me SU was great, no waiting list and they didn’t take my grades from my old school (which is a good thing because they were bad) but they took the credits from those classes. I had to take some more pre reqs that SU required and I was able to get a 3.89. I took the TEAS and I got in the program right after. Go for it! Good luck and update me on your decision!

(And I am just realizing you responded to a post I commented on last year but I was too busy getting pinned But yes I got a job. All my classmates got jobs in the surrounding hospitals in Columbia)

I know this thread is a little old. I was wondering if you did end up enrolling at South University? I am somewhat of the same boat. I will be moving to Columbia with the Army. I am currently an LVN with the military Also, avaloncar— How would you rate your time and fusteration overall? I have read so many mixed and bad reviews about South, It is starting to discourage me. I know most people leave reviews when they are aggervated, or upset. I am having trouble finding reviews about the BSN program in specific. Also, I am prepared to leave there ( or any BSN program ) with significant student loan debt. If you do not mind me asking how much did you end up with.
Any help or insight would be appreciated.

Thanks for the advice Avaloncar.

Sorry I haven’t logged in for a while and just saw this. I actually decided to go ahead with South. They accepted a majority of my transfer credits, then I took my remaining pre-reqs with South, I took the TEAS in April, and found out last week I was ACCEPTED to the BSN program, woohoo. I am so excited.

I was a little weary at first about their accreditation and whatnot but I researched it and they are backed by CCNE which as you know is the major nursing accreditation agency. I am definitely going in debt for this, but I just look at it as an investment that will pay for itself. I was a little worried also because I noticed in the past couple months the nursing dept lost 2 employees, I don’t know details but that made me wonder. I hope it wasn’t anything having to do with the actual program or accreditation.

Anyway, thanks for the info and it is great to hear you and your classmates all got jobs.

Avaloncar: Another question- Do you know if any of your classmates have transferred their license to another state? Most likely pretty soon after I graduate, we will move to a different state (military) and I am just hoping there are no problems with that.

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