Apr 12 2019

Operations Management

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Operations Management, NEF6.COM

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Operations Management

In today’s global economy, managers are faced with rapid technological changes. The Operations Management discipline seeks to help today’s manager meet this challenge through the development of enhanced decision-making processes.

The Operations Management discipline places special emphasis on statistical, mathematical, and economic analysis. This discipline also encompasses the formal modeling of decision-making problems in different fields found in the critical processes associated with the design, production, and distribution of goods and services.


Our faculty members comprise a diverse group in terms of disciplinary backgrounds, theoretical and methodological approaches, and research topics. Learn more about current research areas in our discipline .

In addition to individual pursuits, our faculty members are affiliated with the Management Science Research Centre. MSRC members adopt a breadth of professional and academic expertise to improve business performance, supply chain efficiency, hazards reduction, and service revenues, and to enhance the overall interactions between operations and other functional areas.

Our Faculty members are also affiliated with the NSERC CREATE Program in Health Care Operations and Information Management. The CREATE program is structured to drastically improve the collective capacity of the partner universities for training doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows, who will become significant contributors to healthcare research, practice, and policy making.


The faculty in our discipline develop and deliver innovative teaching programs. We currently offer the following degree programs:

  • Bachelor of Commerce concentration in Operations Management
  • PhD specialization in Operations Management
  • A range of courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels
    • Bachelor of Commerce courses
    • Master of Business Administration courses
    • PhD courses
      Students in McGill’s doctoral program in Operations Management take courses from McGill’s Accounting faculty members as well as from the Faculties of Concordia University, HEC Montréal, and Université du Québec à Montréal. Upon admission, an advisor from the student’s chosen area will assist in selecting those courses that best suit the student’s interests while satisfying program requirements. Specialization courses may be selected from offerings of the four participating universities.
  • Supply Chain Management specialization in Technology and Innovation Management concentration

We are also well-connected to industry. Members of our Faculty’s Global Experts program contribute to our classrooms through guest lectures.

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