Apr 14 2019

Network Solutions Customer Site Compromises and DDoS

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Network Solutions Customer Site Compromises and DDoS, REMMONT.COM

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Network Solutions Customer Site Compromises and DDoS

Network Solutions is a domain name registrar that manages over 6.6 million domains. As of July 16, 2013, the Network Solutions website is under a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. Recently. Network Solutions has been a target for attackers; in a previous outage, domain name servers were redirected away from their proper IP addresses. This was reported to be a result of a server misconfiguration while Network Solutions was attempting to mitigate a DDoS attack. It is possible that the DDoS attacks are related.

According to the Network Solutions site has been having issues for at least the last 24 hours.

Response time in ms (GMT -8:00)

Initially, Network Solutions reported that:

Posted July 16, 2013

However, in the comments it was made clear that Network Solutions decided to temporarily remove this thread from their Facebook page so that customers affected by the DDoS could more easily find relevant information. There were multiple reports on the July 16, 2013 Facebook thread that appear to indicate customer DNS records were corrupted before the DDoS induced outage. As a result of the DDoS attack, any customers that were compromised previously may not be able to repair their domain name infrastructure until the DDoS is mitigated.

The Cisco TRAC team is continuing to monitor the situation for further developments.

Special thanks to Jaeson Schultz for his help with this post.

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July 17, 2013 at 10:24 am

July 17, 2013 at 4:56 pm

I’m pretty sure you can’t use Network Solution’s own DNS servers for a domain/zone unless they’re also your registrar. So what if you’re unable to login to your registrar to change the name servers? Or let’s say you can change them, or they already do point to different providers for primary and secondary DNS, this wouldn’t do any good if the registrar itself is either not giving that information out to begin with, or worse giving the wrong servers because they’ve been hijacked. Name server pointer changes at the registrar also take the longest to propagate in my experience, at least 24 hours. It’s not something you do in response to a problem.

July 17, 2013 at 12:46 pm

We are affected by this off and on this morning, and as of right now we are still having DNS issues. thank you cisco blogging for the coverage as NS has not given any update and their phones are dropping off the hook now.

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