Apr 30 2017

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Market Research Report Databases

The library subscribes to several databases that provide in-depth market research reports on various topics. Try searching these to see if your topic is covered.

This database focuses almost exclusively on health care and engineering reports. Each report takes a specific device, technology, or service and studies its global (and sometimes U.S.) market: state of the technology, future trends in capabilities, who buys and sells the technology, statistics about market size and market share, and much more. BCC continually adds new reports and updates or removes older or outdated ones.

This is another database of in-depth market research reports. Unlike BCC Research, this company aggregates reports from a range of research companies. In addition, its focus is broader, with more industries covered. The library’s academic subscription does not contain all the reports available to business and industry customers, but it still includes lots of up-to-date material. The LIfe Science collection includes market research reports covering Biotechnology, Diagnostics, Healthcare, Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals.

Broad coverage of numerous industries. Shows Key drivers, competitive landscape, industry statistics, and much more.

A great market research database for consumer products and services (including some that are health care related).

Good coverage of industries, products and services with an information technology dimension. Includes coverage of various health care technologies. JHU’s subscription does not include all content provided by Gartner, but our version still has plenty of great market research info.

Company Search

Privately-Held Companies and Businesses

This database functions like an online directory of individual businesses and individual locations of multi-site companies–both privately held and publicly-traded. Search for urgent care clinics in Baltimore, pharmaceutical companies in California, etc. based on keyword-searchable standard industry codes (NAICS, SIC). Results can be viewed as an exportable list with basic contact information (click on the company name for a little more detail) or a map showing business locations. Reference USA includes an entirely separate database for locating and geo-mapping physicians and dentists in private practice.

This database/directory of over 220,000 privately-held firms provides company information (extensive for larger entities and sketchy for smaller ones), that may include annual revenues, company leaders, and contact info. PrivCo also covers mergers acquisitions and private equity transactions.

Publicly-Held Company Directories

The following databases contain extensive information about publicly traded (and some private) companies. For Public companies, information typically includes detailed financial statements, links to filings, key executives, company history and description, competitive environment, news feeds.

Thomson One (limited to 5 simultaneous users, requires Internet Explorer, turn off popup blocker)

Journals and Newsletters

Here are two publications that focus exclusively on biotech, pharmaceuticals, and related topics:

The online version of this publication provides in-depth coverage of advances in various biomedical fields, with an emphasis on business aspects such as market potential, company activity, etc.

This is a biotech/pharm newsletter that covers company activities in this field.

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