May 31 2017

Market Research Reports and Forecasts from BCC Research #wockhardt #pharma

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Market Research Reports & Reviews

BCC Research publishes over 250 market research reports annually. Our reports provide 5-year market forecasts with important statistical and analytical information on the markets, applications, industry structure, major players, market shares, industry dynamics, technology and technology shifts, and international developments relevant to these critical markets.

Readers get a highly key, forward-looking information on hard-to-find market intelligence and insights into complex issues that allow them to acquire a competitive edge, refine their strategic planning and identify business opportunities.

Coverage of Advanced Materials related industries like ceramics, glass, metals, alloys, construction material and other high technology processing areas.

Covers automotive, rail and aviation industries.

Expert analysis of leading-edge industry technologies involved in drug discovery, drug delivery, systems biology, proteomics, genomics, high-throughput screening, genetic diseases, nanotechnology, immunoassays or other biotech and pharmaceutical applications.

Coverage of the Chemicals Industry that examines the impact of new technologies and the changing regulatory environment on both the specialty and commodity chemicals markets.

Uncover all the elements of this ever-changing area, including analysis of the utility, oil, gas, nuclear technologies and alternative sources of energy like wind, solar energy etc.

Market research reports and industry analysis for Engineering processes, product development and technologies.

Research studies examine major market developments and technologies surrounding air, water, waste treatment and final disposition.

Our Food and Beverage category covers areas like food testing, supplements, sweeteners and packaging technology.

This category focuses on alkaline, molten carbonate, and proton exchange membranes (PEMs) fuel cells.

Market research reports, industry analysis and forecasts for the Healthcare industry. Much of the analysis focuses on medical devices, human and animal health technologies, dental market equipment and other diagnostic tools.

Our Information Technology category includes reports that analyze opportunities in networking, software/hardware, switching and transmission components businesses.

Our Instrumentation and Sensors category offers a number of research reports that explore new techniques, market developments, and new product development in measurement equipments.

Includes reports on machinery and technologies involved in manufacturing a variety of products.

This category includes market research reports that cover new developments of Membrane and Separation Technology as it impacts water treatment, recycling, biopharmaceuticals, fuels cells, waste treatment, food processing and many other areas.

This category covers Nanotechnology and its impact on various industry segments such as manufacturing, biotech, environmental and pharmaceutical.

Market research reports, industry analysis and forecasts for the Pharmaceutical industry. This category covers all important market research from clinical-specific studies such as Therapeutics for Inflammatory Diseases to current event topics like The Worldwide Influenza Market.

Photonics is an enabling technology involving the use of light that is replacing traditional electronics in many applications. Photonics technology is driving growth in many major end markets, including advanced manufacturing, communications/information technology, energy, defense, healthcare and medicine, and others. Market coverage by BCC Research provides market size estimates, growth rates, technology evaluations, company profiles, and in-depth analysis of emerging photonics applications and markets.

This category covers market research involving the spectrum of materials, additives, processes, applications, and intermaterials competition of plastics and polymers.

Our Safety and Security category focuses on important topics as they relate to homeland security, information technology, forensics, surveillance, and anti-terrorism.

This category explores new technologies, standards, and advanced processes in semiconductor manufacturing.

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