May 25 2019

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Western Australia

Car versus pedestrian

Two people were taken to hospital after a car struck a pedestrian in Perth’s southern suburbs on Sunday night.

Speed boat racer back on water after horrific crash

Just weeks after she was almost killed in a horror crash on the Swan River, junior champion speed boat racer Phoebe Knudsen has returned to racing.

Mould fears in Margaret River wine

Margaret River’s 2019 wine harvest is facing a perfect storm of challenges. Some wineries have lost as much as 70 per cent of their harvest because of environmental factors out of their control.

WA bid to save death-row dogs

A Perth animal rescue group’s bid to save six border collies from “death row” in South Australia has generated more than 82,700 signatures on a petition.

Hung jury in farmer’s wife murder trial

The jury has failed to reach a verdict in the trial of a farmer accused of murdering his wife by allegedly staging a fiery crash on their property before watching her burn to death.

Lady Kitty on Perth charity mission

Princess Diana’s glamorous niece Lady Kitty Spencer will bring a touch of royal excitement to Perth today for the 10th anniversary of Bentley Polo in the Valley.

Perth partner killer loses appeal bid

A WA man who was jailed for at least 18 years for murdering his on-and-off partner during an argument about meth has lost his appeal bid.

Hung jury in WA farmer’s wife murder case

A jury has been discharged after failing to reach a verdict in the case of a man charged with murdering his wife at their farm in Western Australia.

No verdict for accused wife killer

A jury has failed to reach a verdict in the trial of a Great Southern farmer accused of murdering his wife by staging a fiery crash on their property.

The moment stolen Teddy comes home

After the theft of a Perth puppy was caught on camera, it was only fitting his return was similarly recorded for posterity.

Teens laugh during sick kangaroo attack

Disturbing footage has emerged of teenagers laughing as they launch an attack on terrified kangaroo, bashing it with a plank of wood.

Grog Friday licence for Perth pub

The Camfield will be the first WA pub to open on a Good Friday without being required to serve a meal with alcohol.

Stolen Teddy found safe and sound

A beloved family pet whose theft was caught on CCTV has been reunited with his owners.

Search for missing WA kayaker suspended

A 59-year-old kayaker who activated his personal locator beacon in waters off Perth’s south remains missing.

Family of kayaker hopeful he is safe

Stephen Angel set off his personal locator beacon on Wednesday morning, sparking an air and sea search off Point Peron.

‘No bedroom Finn murder confession’

The one-time partner of former vice squad boss Bernie Johnson has rejected claims there was a “bedtime confession” during an affair in which the detective admitted killing brothel madam Shirley Finn.

Reward for stolen dog upped to $20k

A distressed Perth pet owner has upped an already substantial reward after the theft of a beloved family pet was caught on camera.

Search for kayaker suspended

The search for a kayaker missing off Point Peron has been suspended due to bad weather.

WA power provider accused of price gouging

WA’s biggest electricity generator has been accused of price gouging industrial customers for more than one year, increasing revenues by up to $102 million.

Cop confessed to Finn murder: partner

A secret witness has claimed her late partner – a former vice squad detective – confessed to shooting brothel madam Shirley Finn after he was given a “work-related order” to “get rid of the problem”.

Stressed out macaw’s retirement plan

Tiberius the macaw has spent the past 14 years as a service animal helping keep Bunbury disability pensioner Alicia Manolas alive and well, but now it is time for him to retire.

Pack of young girls in Macca’s rampage

Seven young girls have been arrested after assaulting nine people in an “aggressive” rampage through a Perth shopping centre.

Tomahawk revenge killer to die in jail

A grandfather who dressed as a courier before murdering his former wife’s boyfriend with a tomahawk and knife in a “callous” act of “revenge, anger and jealousy” has been jailed for life.

Help needed to name baby dolphins

Rockingham Wild Encounters is asking for the public’s help to name two dolphin calves born recently in the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park.

Cousins walks free from jail

The former Brownlow medallist has been seen out and about in Palmrya, still sporting his beard and a ponytail.

Murder inquest told of ‘confession’

Former WA police vice squad chief Bernie Johnson told his lover he killed Shirley Finn during a “bedtime confession” in the late 1980s, a witness has told an inquest into the murder mystery.

Food delivery cyclist hurt in hit and run

A woman has been seriously injured in a hit and run. Police are looking for the driver of a light coloured four-wheel drive.

Driver takes detour along cycle path

WATCH: A confused Perth driver mistook a cycle path for a road, travelling up to 2km and narrowly missing a pedestrian before realising their error.

Two inmates stabbed at Perth prison

An inmate is in hospital after he was stabbed at the same Perth prison where an inmate was found alone and critically injured in his cell a month earlier.

Pilbara becomes a cattle graveyard

Tropical Cyclone Veronica delivered much-needed rain to WA pastoralists, but it also had the heart-wrenching effect of big cattle deaths.

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