Nov 30 2017

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DSM Group is always happy to develop and produce creatively different and individually designed promotional materials and advertising gifts for you.
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Advertising gifts is one of the areas of DSM Group focus and include a great variety of promotional items at price mix.
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DSM Group may deliver promotional products from twelve European catalogues that enables our clients to be always aware of the latest trends in advertising gifts.
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DSM Group is also a provider of a wide range of printing services, including leaflets and booklets, brochures and catalogues, promotional and office books, paper bags with logo image, calendars, and POS materials.
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The reliable and true advantage of DSM Group is the extensive equipment, which allows creating diverse, individual and complex products.
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DSM Group summarizes and presents the rating of drugstore chains on the results of the first two quarters of 2015.
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  • 12.05.2016 Annual report: Russian Pharmaceutical Market 2015 read more
  • 11.02.2016 DSM Group took the first place in Russia s top media monitoring chart in January 2016 with the highest number of mentions amon. read more
  • 13.05.2015 Annual analytical review of the pharmaceutical market in Russia DSM Group Pharmaceutical Market 2014 read more
  • 19.12.2014 Rating of pharmacy chains in Russia: Q3 of 2014 read more

Marketing research

DSM Group provides its clients with data on drugs sales in all pharmaceutical market segments (Import, Distribution, Retail, Hospital procurement, State Reimbursement Program) by performing marketing researches in compliance with ISO 9001:2008.Read more

The products rendered by DSM Group are featured with their goal orientation on pharmaceutical specialists. We are always happy to introduce quality information products for your consideration. Read more

DSM Group is a provider of a great variety of marketing services; the Company recurrently evaluates the pharmaceutical market capacity and trends, presenting the results at issue-related conferences and forums, newspapers and business magazines.Read more

DSM Group interviews pharmacists and physicians, runs focus groups, and performs contract researches.Read more

DSM Group offers data referred not only to Russia, but also CIS countries (Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Moldova, Armenia, Uzbekistan, etc.) and Georgia. Read more

The expert commentary of DSM Group is highly valued in pharmaceutical and business community. We may help you to make the best use of the potential of your Company, thus strengthening and developing your business. Read more

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