Apr 13 2019

Computer Science Certificates – Engineering at Illinois

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Computer Science Certificates - Engineering at Illinois, REMMONT.COM

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Computer Science Certificates

Individuals can earn a certificate in a specialized area of computer science to help strengthen their resume or advance in their career. To be successful in our graduate level courses, we highly recommend that individuals have experience with computer science either through their career, through their undergraduate studies, or through professional development courses.

Program Requirements

Certificate Specializations


Must complete the following 2 courses:
CS 461 – Computer Security I
CS 463 – Computer Security II
Must complete 1 of the following courses:
CS 523 – Advanced Operating Systems
CS 563 – Advanced Topics in Computer Security

Networks and Distributed Systems

Information Systems

Software Engineering

System Software

Single Course Certificate Option

Students who take an individual CS course online for credit and are not in either the certificate or degree program may request a Certificate of Completion if a grade of B- or higher is received. Up to 3 courses can be transferred towards the degree program if accepted for admission. Please note that the online (I2CS) program is restricted to off-campus professionals and is not intended for those who have access to our on-campus courses and programs.


Crossing engineering disciplines

Professors like Rohit Bhargava know that tomorrow’s engineers will have to work across multiple fields to really be effective. Students from eight different disciplines work with him to fight cancer using nanotechnology. And two multimillion-dollar student training programs make sure that attitude is integrated into their education as well. See us in action by visiting campus

Admissions / Engineering at Illinois

  • Undergraduate Student Application
    Undergraduates apply through the U of I Office of Admissions.
  • Graduate Student Application
    Applications for Graduate Students are processed through the University’s Graduate College.

One of the Nation’s Top Engineering Programs.

In U.S News World Report’s 2015 rankings, Engineering at Illinois has 15 programs ranked in the top 5. Read more about our rankings.

Academics / Engineering at Illinois

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