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Colorado Car Insurance

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Colorado’s highest and lowest state car insurance rates are found along the Interstate 25 corridor — as is just about everything in Colorado. Drivers in Black Forest pay dramatically more than those in Fort Collins, 125 miles north. You can see how nearly every ZIP in the state compares below. Enter your ZIP code, gender and choose among six age groups and three coverage levels to see what you can expect to pay for car insurance in your neighborhood.

Colorado car insurance requirements

What you need to know about car insurance in Colorado

Colorado Car Insurance Laws

Comprehensive insurance recommended: Hail, wind, wildfires and flooding can all put your vehicle at risk in Colorado. Comprehensive insurance coverage will cover you for these “acts of nature.” Many insurers require that if you purchase comprehensive coverage that you also include collision coverage. Colorado auto insurance companies also must offer uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage on all new or renewal Colorado auto insurance policies, but you can reject it.

Low property damage insurance requirement: Colorado’s required bodily injury liability limits are on par with those of many other states, but its property damage mandate of $15,000 is lower and unlikely to cover all the damage if you hit a newer car. Consider bumping it up.

No more no-fault insurance: Colorado’s no-fault car insurance law expired in 2003. The state says that by 2008 Colorado auto insurance premiums dropped by 35 percent.

Medical payments coverage: The state now requires that $5,000 of medical payments coverage (MedPay) be included with all car insurance policies, ensuring that every driver has access to treatment after an accident. But if you have health insurance already, you can opt out when you’re buying or renewing a policy. Otherwise it (and the extra premium for it) will be automatically added to your policy.

Proof of insurance via smartphone: Colorado law allows drivers to show electronic proof of insurance during a traffic stop. Thirty-one states total allow this.

Penalty for driving without insurance: A first offense will get you a $500 fine and four points on your driving record. Penalties escalate with fines of not less than $1,000, license suspension and community service if you are caught driving without insurance multiple times. And don’t even think about driving during an insurance suspension: your license can be revoked for a full year.

Penalty for driving without registration: In Colorado, driving without registration is a class B traffic infraction, which has a $15 minimum penalty and a $100 maximum penalty.

DUIs: Penalties for a first Driving Under the Influence (DUI) offense the penalties are:

  • 12 points towards a suspension of your license
  • $300 to $1000 fine
  • 5 days to 1 year of jail time
  • 48 to 96 hours public/community service
  • DUI stays on your record for 7 years

Total loss/Salvage title: There’s no specific threshold for what’s a total loss in Colorado. Most insurance companies will determine a vehicle to be a total loss when costs of repairs are between 51 to 80 percent of a vehicle’s actual cash value (ACV), or basically when the repairs costs are more than the value of the vehicle and other associated claim costs (rental car, storage fees, and so on).

No age restriction for owning and insuring a car: Minors can buy and register a car in Colorado, as long as they have a driver’s license or permit for identification purposes and are able to buy insurance. However, it may be difficult for minors to find someone who will sell them a vehicle; contracts with minors are typically voidable, so usually a dealer or private seller will require a parent or guardian to co-sign. The same holds true for car insurance policies, since they are also a form of a contract.

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