Jun 25 2017

Blow fill Seal Horizon Pharmaceuticals packaging BFS aseptic steril bottles #zosano #pharma

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Horizon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Horizon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a company focused on the development, manufacture and life cycle management of Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) tech no logy and products for the pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic and clinical industries.

Horizon is an independent pharmaceutical company uniquely positioned in the industry to fulfill Blow-Fill-Seal product development needs.

Horizon has the capabilities to complete projects from any stage of the development cycle.

Horizon operates two segments, Blow-Fill-Seal drug discovery and development, and Blow-Fill-Seal manufacturing, including in-house mold fabrication.

Horizon Pharmaceutical, Inc.
Aseptic BFS Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Palm Beach County, FL

For Business development please contact:

Horizon Pharmaceutical, Inc.
Central Industrial Drive,
West Palm Beach, FL 33404
Tel: (561)844-7227 EXT. 1101

Our In-House capabilities include:
� Custom container design
� Mold fabrication
� Blow-Fill-Seal specialist, small and
large volume of clinical trial
� Complete formulation development
including research, scale up batches
� Regulatory filing assistance
� End-user packaging
. and we do it all under one roof .

OTC and Rx unit dose eye drops
Inhalation solutions
Injectable products
Biotechnology products
topical liquids, creams,
gels, and ointments
Oral liquids
Emergency Eyewash / Skinflush

Components to medical devices

Components in diagnostic kits
Reagents in diagnostic products

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