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biotech industry

Welcome to Dutch DNA Biotech

Dutch DNA Biotech is a R D company which bought its know how base from TNO in 2015. TNO, the Dutch National Research and Technology Organisation, developed a world leading position in Fungal Biotechnology since the late eighties. Our company, Dutch DNA Biotech applies and commercializes fungal biotechnology in several ways.

Biotech industry

Creating new business by

the introduction of fungal biotechnology

Our mission is: creating new business by the introduction of disruptive fungal biotechnology in industrial markets. We believe in a new industrial era in which sustainable products and production methods will replace those of the last century. The Kingdom of Fungi beholds a unique number of business opportunities. Dutch DNA Biotech turns these opportunities into commercial innovations. In niche – as well as in commodity type of markets. For small innovative companies as well as multinationals.

Biotech industry

Fungal production of enzymes, proteins and bio-chemicals

Photo credit: Art de Boo

Our core competence is strain development and bioprocess development. We develop fungal production technology for enzymes, proteins, and bio –chemicals. We have a significant patent portfolio in these area’s and work together with both academic, industrial and financial partners. The shorter the time to market, the more we co-operate with industrial players. The longer the time to market and/or the more disruptive the end products, the more we work with academic as well as start-up companies and financial partners.

To keep close connection to fundamental research Dutch DNA Biotech is based at Utrecht Science Park, funds a chair at the University of Leiden, and contributes to different research programs of academic consortia. For more information please read our scientific papers.

Biotech industry

Highly skilled, truly creative, dedicated and result driven

Our team consists of fungal- and fermentation experts. With a track record in the industry, we are characterized as highly skilled, truly creative, dedicated and result driven.

Peter J. Punt, PhD is professor in Industrial Biotechnology at Leiden University and has a core expertise in Molecular Microbiology and Fungal Biotechnology. Peter’s passion is to look for what fungi can accomplish in their unique lifestyle. His curiosity focuses on the width and breath of what these organisms provide as industrially applicable opportunities. Within Dutch DNA Biotech Peter is Chief Technology Officer.

Karin Overkamp, PhD in Bioprocess Technology, combines her knowledge of- and passion for- micro-organisms with her drive to optimize process technology. The engineered strains only become valuable in her hands while she develops and continuously improves the process conditions and fermentation protocols. Within Dutch DNA she is Fermentation Scientist.

Machtelt Braaksma, PhD in Functional Genomics, worked since 2000 as researcher in Life Science Industries. Recent years she specialized in the managerial aspects of R D. Within Dutch DNA she is program manager Enzymes.

Abeer Hossain, PhD is fascinated with the complexity and possibilities of microbial pathways. Within Dutch DNA Abeer is lead scientist of Dutch DNA’s organic acid program. He is a valued colleague for creativity in optimizing pathways for compound production.

Trifa Omer, BSc, and Lars Wilms, BSc, have extensive experience in genetic modification. As experts in gene -expression and -disruption, the number of their successful transformants is enormous. They developed and implemented a repertoire of transformation methods and trade secrets, which are extremely valuable for our ambitions.

Marian van Muijlwijk, Bsc, and Vivi Joosten, PhD, together have more than 45 years of experience in Fungal Biotech. The different expression systems from their hands are widely used in industry.

Art de Boo, MBA, has a drive to turn science into business and to bring experts with different backgrounds together. He is eager to convert the expertise of Dutch DNA Biotech alongside the expertise of its partners into new business solutions. Within Dutch DNA Art is Chief Executive Officer and responsible for strategic partnering.

Wouter de Bonte, MSc, is our enthusiastic bright young scientist, working on a new application of Fungal Biotech to fuel a promising third (new) research area of Dutch DNA Biotech.

Rowy Willemsen, Bsc Biochemicals, is our inquisitive, enthusiastic, determined new technician.

We are happy to have her working in different programs within our portfolio.

Cornelis Mijnders, MSc, developed since high school a growing fascination for the possibilities of the bio-based economy. With an excellent nose for commercial opportunities, he explores different industries. Within the company, he is Chief Commercial Officer.

Coen Breedveld, MSc, is passionate about turning science into business and has an entrepreneurial spirit. As business developer, he will work on creating value for customers in various industries with special focus on the pharmaceutical industry.

Gradie Sterkenburg, BEc is the financial conscience of Dutch DNA Biotech. Gradie, with her down to earth attitude, is a vital ingredient for the success of our organization. As controller, she is responsible for the business case and plays an indispensable role during discussions with shareholders, investors and strategic partners.

Sylvia Segers, PhD in fungal physiology, focussed since her study in Vienna on fungal biotech. Recently she finished her academic carrier with a postdoc in enzymology in Sweden. Within Dutch DNA Sylvia fulfils a significant role as scientist in our enzyme program.

Hemn Mahmoudi, since his graduation active in biomolecular research, is known for his punctuality, dedication and persistence, which is needed in fungal biotech. We are happy to see Hemn amplifying our pool of technicians.

Marijn van den Hondel, our enthusiastic biosafety officer, is tailored for his job as he is raised with biology and especially with biotechnology. Marijn descends from a lineage of known biologists.

Micha van Biezen and Peter Franken, our new recruits as of summer 2017. They work as technicians respectively focussing on process development and strain development for enzyme applications.

Biotech industry

Dutch DNA Biotech has its office and laboratories at the premises of Utrecht Science Park, Hugo R. Kruyt building, fourth floor, Padualaan 8, 3584 CH Utrecht, Netherlands. DDNA by car

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